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Specialist in: Carpets, Curtains, Sofa Sets, Blankets, Bed Sheets, Car Interiors, Aeroplane Interiors, Quilts and Leather Wearings
"Amarpak" (Quality Cleaner) is the best equipped Dry Cleaning and Laundry industry in the Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore regions of Pakistan. All types of work that come under the label of dry cleaning and laundry, such as, cleaning of all types of Wearing Clothes, Carpets, Curtains, Sofa Sets, Blankets, Bed Sheets, Quilts, Shawls, Car Interiors, Aero plane interiors, Leather Wearing and Upholstery etc. is accomplished by very experienced workers using sophisticated modern machinery. Dyeing and Darning of clothes (i.e. suits and dupattas) is also part of services provided by "Amarpak".
Quality Services
Dry Cleaning Plants
Clothes dry cleaned in the Dry Cleaning Plants come out spotless and hygienically clean. Instead of water the process uses Mineral Turpentine Oil and other dry cleaning oils / chemicals so that the finish of expensive garments is maintained and they retain a new fresh look.
Steam Laundry
Steam is the heart of the "Amarpak's" laundry service. Clothes are hygienically cleaned. Combined with steam pressing the process insures spotlessly clean garments without burns or damages.
Tips In Favor Of Our Customers

You are cordially invited at your convenience, to visit Amarpak's factory and judge for yourself the very special care and attention that are "Amarpak's" hallmark.